2345影视大全污片Looking Forward

Recruitment Information
Sequence Education Position Number Functional
1 Undergraduate Brand Marketing 1

2345影视大全污片1. Dispatching and auditing of promotional activities;

2345影视大全污片2. Acceptance and cancellation of promotional activities;

2345影视大全污片3. Cost management of promotional activities;

4. Management of Promotion Special Forces.

2 Specialty Regional Manager 1

1. Achievement of sales objectives;

2345影视大全污片2. Management of distribution channels in the region;

2345影视大全污片3. Sales order submission and payment recovery;

4. Promoting the construction of terminal image stores;

5. Coordination and handling of market problems.

3 Specialty Purchasing Management 2

2345影视大全污片Familiar with supplier development and supplier management processes;

Responsible for supplier system development and supplier information management and maintenance;

Responsible for coordinating problems in purchasing, technology and finance departments.

4 Specialty Equipment Maintenance 5

Responsible for daily repair and maintenance of workshop equipment, regular maintenance and emergency repair work, ensure the normal operation of equipment, ensure smooth production.

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